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Your Family Healthcare is Now Under One Roof

Horizons Family Medicine and Horizons Womens Healthcare is now here to serve all your individual needs.At Horizons Family Medicine, our patients will feel respected, valued, and empowered by the care that is rendered and the genuine compassion that is exhibited with every visit.  It is paramount to educate our patients concerning their health and allow them to take the lead in their own healthcare plan.
  Cellular Nutrition and Healthy Aging

In this world of quick fixes, plastic surgery, and a barrage of "miracle" cures, one thing is clear: These things don't offer a holistic, long-term approach to keeping your entire body fit, healthy, and young for as long as possible. Quite frankly, there's been a failure of prescription medicine in the war on degenerative diseases.
How to choose the right exercise for optimum health, fitness, weight loss and disease prevention.

Would you believe that just a few decades ago, doctors questioned whether or not it was in their patients' best interest to begin a regular exercise program?

Men's Health and Weight Management

If weight and muscle mass are a concern for you, it's important to note that obesity, while not a direct cause of disease, heightens the oxidative stress process that leads to a majority of the above diseases. Because of the degradation of our food supply, it's a necessity to not only eat as healthily as possible, but make sure you're supplementing your diet with antioxidants and vitamins that promote healthy weight.
Is Asthma prevention possible with changes to your diet and environment?
Our airways contain some of the most delicate membranes in our body. Couple that with the fact that air pollution is on the rise, that we're bombarded by inhaled free radicals daily, and you get an epidemic of lung problems all over the world.
Your Child's Nutrition is Important
As adults and parents good child nutrition is our responsibility. Children are our future, and they deserve the best possible start in life. One of the most important things you can do for your children is to bring them up on a healthy diet, because a strong nutritional foundation will give them highest chance of remaining healthy later.

Horizons Family Medicine


The newly opened Horizons Family Medicine office was founded by Drs. Rhea Rowser and Andre' Harris in November 2009. These two practitioners have come together to form what they believe is an act of destiny: Dayton's first OB/GYN and Family Medicine office.

Dr. Harris and his wife, Charlette, founded Horizon's Womens Healthcare in 2006. From that humble beginning, they have expanded their operation to a facility that offers not only women's healthcare, but also healthcare for the entire family.

The mission of Horizons Family Medicine (HFM) is to provide complete care for the family by offering a full spectrum of healthcare solutions under one roof. Whether you are an expecting mom or a seasoned citizen that needs a check-up, Horizons Family Medicine will provide the attention your family needs in a friendly atmosphere that will make you feel right at home.



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